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Business and executive coaching have become very popular among the organizations looking forward to the future. Such companies resort to professional business coaches who are unbiased and engage in order to support company’s initiatives, including difficult ones, provide resolutions to any conflictsstimulate employee engagement and increase underutilized leadership initiatives and skills. The right business coach provides the necessary tools for organizations to manage and keep their talent more efficiently and to better connect teams and align individuals with the company’s business strategies and plans.

Team Building

Team building should pursue the alignment of individuals’ skills of the team members with the company objectives. At Landmark we work with diverse teams along the wide spectrum of team efficiency. Sometimes a deep analysis of team effectiveness is required in order to rectify root issues related to the team dynamics and lack of efficiency, while other teams are worked with to increase their cohesiveness in order to increase their effectiveness. Whatever the underlying cause is, Landmark is able to assist your organization to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and success. 

At the experiential stage, the team is trained to improve itself in order to build a team culture which is to ultimately improve the team effectiveness. Landmark’s team training professionals will apply various approaches and practical exercises to maximize team learning and ultimate effectiveness.  

Why do you need to invest in your team building at your organization? 

  • Employees are the company’s most valuable asset in which the company should keep investing constantly 
  • Teams capable of high performance create better alignment and often deliver better results by applying diverse perspectives, teamwork, workload distribution and efficient responses. 
  • Better performing teams achieve higher results, share similar goals, commitment and cohesiveness.    

Business Consulting

Landmark’s objective is to increase the organization effectiveness to the highest level through partnership with its clients of any size. Zealous pursuit of the best results for our clients is our landmark objective and philosophy. We strive to become strategic and reliable partners for our clients. This approach enables us to trigger changes from the inside by finding and creating best solutions that increase the company’s effectiveness.  

Our management/business consulting team is formed of experienced, independent professionals who assist company executives solve management and business issues by delivering knowledge and expertise that the company was unable to find.  

These services also help discover and utilize new opportunities, increase learning capacity and ensure the ongoing change within the organization and its improvement.  

Workshops and Training Programs:

Management/consulting is focused on understanding issues, setting objectives and facilitating the changes within the organizations. One of the most popular ways to increase knowledge, understanding and provide training is by utilizing workshops. They are structured to either stimulate information gathering which would assist with improvement of the company strategy or educate and train teams to have the skills and knowledge to deal with the future challenges.  

Internal workshops are organized with employees and company management and would generally involve: 

  • Planning sessions with board members and company management; 
  • Improvement of internal process; 
  • Brand workshops; 
  • Value proposition definition; 
  • Sales teams training; 
  • Team building; 

External workshops would involve external actors/stakeholders such as customers and vendors and would involve:

  • Workshops on brand building; 
  • Workshops on customer journey mapping; and 
  • Focus groups 

Governance Consulting

Good governance training is focused on providing proper and efficient oversight, and making and executing informed decisions. At Landmark, we appreciate that achieving an efficient governance is a journey that takes time, and that different Boards will always be at different points of the journey. With these basic assumptions in mind, we enforce our governance consulting team with trained and experienced governance consultants who fully appreciate the company’s real needs so as to provide efficient support to the company.  

Our governance specialists assist with delivering clarity and sharp focus on challenges faced by the Board. If your company requires support on any aspect of governance, is seeking help on the topic of governance – we are there to assist. In particular, our governance consulting teams can assist with the most frequent challenges: 

  • Differentiating between company strategies and operations;
  • Sufficient level of available critical information that may influence Board effectiveness;
  • Excessive amount of time spent on operational issues or re-occurrence of old issues;
  • Unclear definition of the responsibilities of a Board member;
  • Lack of efficient process to improve Board operations;
  • Conflicts within the Board;
  • Lack of efficient communication and mistrust;
  • Building of balance between CEO and the Board;

Landmark governance consultants can help your organization alleviate internal issues and enable the Board to stay focused on more important issues, cultivating effective corporate governance system oriented on improving of your organization’s efficiency, corporate growth and accountability. 

Coaching provided by Landmark consultants can dramatically improve performance of your Board. Our Board coaching workshops are built on regular maintenance of contact and feedback between the Board and Landmark consultants which enables the Board improve its ability to efficiently and successfully govern and maintain strong leadership within the organization.