Business Incubator

What is a StartUP VISA

Start-up VISA Program has been created by the Canadian government with the purpose to attract new immigrants to Canada who would bring their innovative ideas which would benefit the Canadian economy and giver rise to development of new innovative businesses in the country and creation of jobs for Canadians. For the purposes of this program, three different categories of entities were established. One of them is business incubator category, which includes a group of organizations which are to choose proposals that eligible start-ups to submit for their review.

If the incubator chooses your proposal, it will have it assessed as to whether or not the start-up has chances of succeeding and becoming a viable and successful business enterprise in the future..Each Business Incubator has its own approach and criteria how they choose the right start-up.

If your start-up has been successfully accepted by one of the designated by the Canadian government designated organization, a successful candidate will have to go through the educational course or training program offered by the Business Incubator. Having finished the program, the candidate, including his business partners will receive a Letter of Support which is a pivotal document required in order for the candidate, his business partners and their members of their families, be able to apply for permanent resident visa to Canada. We work with the best legal professionals in the industry and shall be able to provide you with the available choices of your legal professionals or law firms which are to assist you with your permanent resident

In order to apply to any of the designated Business Incubators, Please, fill out the Inquiry Form.

Training course offered by a Business Incubator of your choice must be paid for and, in some cases, we are able to provide you with a grant in the amount of up to CAD$35,000.00 to cover your expenses related to your trip to Canada, participation in the program, company registration etc.

Business Incubator Process Stages