Landmark ConsultingCanadian Start-Up Visa Program

We have established relationships with wealth management and venture capital firms, angel investors, accounting firms, and more – which we could successfully engage to help your start-up journey. 

We have provided advisory services and financing leads to help businesses succeed. We are experts at financing and consulting businesses entrepreneurs and start-ups – and assisted them with their business expansion in Canada and the United States. We can assist you with identifying areas for improvement and help establish and solidify relationships between the start-up and investors. Our investors are major investments funds and angel investors who are interested in selecting the brightest and most promising projects ready for growth investments.

We can halp Your business

We have successfully served business owners and management teams through an active dialogue and collaboration focused on the opportunities, challenges and issues that your business faces – and provided alternative suggestions with respect to structuring and financing solutions going forward. Some of the areas in which we have helped our clients include: Seed Financing, ICOs, Business Planning, Management, Operations, Staffing, Expansion, New Ventures and Foreign Corporation Setup in Canada.